This exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn calories

This might have you giving up running for good. 

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If you want to up your workout, you’ve got to learn to love running, right?

Perhaps not.

A study commissioned by Men’s Health Magazine might suggest that running in fact isn’t the best calorie burner. In a blind study comparing cardio results, the magazine tested the calories burned for SoulCycle (cycle machine), Mile High Run Club (treadmill), RowZone (rower) and Rise Nation (versaclimber).

So out of running, rowing, cycling or climbing, which is the best cardio exercise?

The winner? Climbing, with it burning 22.3 calories every minute.

Second place went to rowing with 13.8 calories/minute, following by running and cycling on 13.3.

Climbing was a whopping 9 calories/minute more effective than running, which is a notable difference.

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While this study used a versaclimber, which does focus more on a cardio aspect than rock climbing, which is more about skill and strength, there have been other studies which confirm the benefits of climbing.

In a study published in 1997, fourteen climbers were asked to complete three rock courses of increasing difficulty, taking five minutes per wall. Scientists found that, on average, climbing an indoor wall was equivalent to running a mile in 8-11 minutes in terms of energy expenditure.

Translation: rock climbing is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories.

That’s not even mentioning how social and fun rock climbing can be. Perhaps we’ll be swapping out our weekend runs with the girls for scaling walls?

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