City2Surf race day tips from a Bondi PT who’s run it six times

Know someone taking on Sydney’s iconic run this weekend? 

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It's the bucket list 14km event that brings tens of thousands of runners to Sydney. Whether your a first timer, or old hand James Dury, General Manager at Vision Personal Training Australia and New Zealand and Director at Vision PT Bondi Junction has some stand out tips for you.

“The City2Surf provides more challenges than the usual fun run due to its hilly course. However, like most challenges, the reward is worth it. The crowd support and atmosphere at the Bondi Beach finish is hard to beat,” explains Dury, who's completed the race six times.

These are his six expert tips to ensure you run your best race.

1. Race day routine

Race day isn’t the day to try something new. The phrase “run your own race” doesn’t just apply to your race pace. It also applies to your breakfast, your socks, shoes, clothes, hydration and warm up. Your body will have enough to deal with over the 14km without introducing something new for it to adapt to. Say no to the free energy gel if you’re not used to it!

2. Start line psychology

For many runners, the race winners will have completed the 14km before they even cross the startline. This can play on some runners’ minds and create an anxiety to get to the finish line. Stay calm and warm. You will get your chance.

3. William Street wisdom

Crossing the start line at William Street with 80,000 runners alongside you is a great thrill. It’s also a time when many runners make the opening 500m look more like an agility course, darting from left to right. Try to be patient and minimise traversing across the road. Not only will this minimise distance covered, it will get you into a rhythm faster. There’s a lot more road ahead for you to increase your pace.

Picture: Supplied. James Dury shares his race day tips.

Picture: Supplied. James Dury shares his race day tips.Source:BodyAndSoul

4. Heartbreak Hill heartbreak

Heartbreak Hill gets a lot of attention. And rightly so, it’s a great challenge. However, avoid the trap of making it your Everest. There’s around 5-6 km of race still to be run after Heartbreak. Plenty of runners get so focused on Heartbreak they struggle to get themselves going again after it’s been conquered.

5. Dover Heights driveways

The course tightens in sections between Dover Heights and Bondi Beach. You’ll find runners closing in around you. Be careful scaling embankments, hot stepping gutters and driveways. Do your best to stay on the flat, reducing the likelihood of rolling an ankle!

6. Finish line foresight

As Bondi Beach approaches, you’ll notice the pace of runners increase alongside you. Excitement heightens as you pass the Bondi Golf Club with the beach in sight. But beware, the finish line is further than you think. Keep an eye on the distance markers or your device to ensure you judge your finish accurately.

7. Exit strategy

Congratulations, you’ve finished! But unless you have Monday off, you’ll likely want to have a plan for when you finish. It may be cool and windy at Bondi Beach, so have a clear meeting point with family and friends that you can move quickly to.

Have a great run and we’ll see you out there!

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